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Here you will find a timeline constructed from known books, series and movies, please comment on it if something is missing, or we figured out something wrong.

Star wars, the epic story began with the creation of Sith magic. We are shown the despotic rule of the galaxy and the discovery of the Hyperspace travel.
The initial episodes basically were centered on the Jedi Knights- where we are also taken to the construction of Lightsaber, which will eventually belong to Vima Da Boda.
Star Wars develop in another timeline, where we are taken to the golden age of the Sith, and the fall of the Sith Empire.
We are also introduced to Chamma, and his first mission as a Jedi Knight. This also brings out freedom Nadd, whom we see in the story being instrumental in the killing of the Jedi master Matta Tremayne.
Star Wars timeline further takes us to explore the Lorell Raiders who are pirates – there is a civil war that breaks out in a place called Onderon that is said to have lasted about 35 years.
Ander Sunrider comes to the scene, actually born in the Darada system. On this timeline, we see Jedi master Thon defeating the Sith spirits. It is also reported the death of the Jade Sunrider, Andurs grandfather; whom we also see is being haunted by the grandfather’s ghosts.
While still in the same timeline, we are introduced to OSS Willum who becomes an apprentice to master Thon. Qrri To is also brought to the picture as an apprentice to Jedi master Voda Siosk Baas.
Also in the limelight at the setting timeline is Andurs Sunrider, whom we later see becoming apprentice to Jedi master Chamma.
The next timeline of the Star Wars takes us to Jedi Training Centre on Ossus. At this centre we see the training of Dace Diath. It also reveals to us Ulic Qel –Droma and the beast wars of Onderon. Onderon war is marked to an end.
Nomi and Andurs are blessed with a child called Vimer Sunrider.
The next timeline opens up with what is perceived as the saga of Nomi Sunrider. We witness the Freedom Nadd uprising, the murder of Andurs Sunrider by minions and Jedi kith Kark’s killing. We also see the Dark lords of the Sith, war and the redemption that follows.
An interesting part of the story comes when we see the woman of the Hapes holding the dominance over the men. This gives rise to matriarchy that established the rule of queens, and not only Hapes. The Siths are wiped out as Jedi think.
There was also the feeling that their society and ‘genetic’ had reached perfection. The Khom people freeze evolution to prevent undesirable changes concerning their people. Rather than risking genetic abnormalities at the same timeline, we also witness the birth of Dannit Jerriko on Anzat.
There comes an interesting story of Sycorax, a witch who was living in Nectopolic, who claimed had the power to bring back the dead, but people did not believe, and ended up killing her son telling her to restore him back, Sycorax dies, cursing the planet by saying that if anyone in Metropolis ever ignores the dead, they will rise up to take revenge. This made the metropolitans have deep respect for the dead.
The next timeline witnesses the Birth of Yoda. Yoda also begins training Jedi. Kashyyyk gives birth to Deulannmapic. Yaddle is also born. There is reported feud between the Botor and their neighbors the Dawferim.
Berethron E Solo introduces democracy on Corellia and is made the ruler of that planet for a time.
Kashyyyk also gives rise to Chewbacca. Chewbacca is presented to us leaving Kashyyyk and beginning to explore the galaxy.
In the Reithcas sector, Jorus C’ Boath is born on Bortras. Jorus C’ Baoth begins his studies at Mirnic University. His innate ability in the force leads him to begin training at the Jedi Training Centre on Kamparas.
Jorus C’ Baoth is taken as a private student by a Jedi master.
Jorus C’ Boath is also bestowed the title of Jedi Knight, and later assumes the title of Jedi master.
In another timeline, Qul- Gonin Jinn is Bort Dalla Solo is also born of Korol Sollo, who is also given the name Dalla Suul to disguise his identity.
Obi-wan Kenobi is born during a period time, when pirates were threatening many outlying worlds. The raiders are not able to reach Corellia, but are able to touch its colonies Tralus where Solo and Tira Gama Solo are living. A fleet of raiders land and devastate the entire colony.
Tira Gama Solo has a rough time when their own town was attacked while she was still pregnant with two babies- a boy and a girl. Tira runs away with the girl while den runs with the boy and are separated in the rush.

In another timeline, Owen Lars (Kenobi) is born on Tatuoine and Bossia is born on Trandosha. Pete Thanas comes to live at the same time. Giad Dellaeon, a young Corellian had to lie about his age to get into the Imperial Academy.
Amidak is born on Naboo. Sena leikvold Midanyi is born on Corella.
Gilad Pellaeon graduates among the top 3 in Imperial Academy. This timeline is said to be the Star Wars Episode, which presents us to the attack of the Clones.
Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and we are taken to a period of social injustice and the emergence of the Galactic Empire.
In the following timeline, we can actually talk about the revenge of the sith.
We witness, the killing of Lobot, the birth of Davin Feoth, Creb and killing of Isshaddik during a smuggling run to Naar Hekka. Mara Jade and Aldeeran are also born. The story is actually very long, under this timeline. We see the capture of Chewbacca.
The next timeline presents a new hope. We witness the Vaders quest, Tash and imperial experiments in biological weapons on the planet Gobindi
We see the nightmare, Ghost of the Jedi Army of Terror, Brawn Spiders, and the Swarm.
The next timeline shows the Empire Striking Back. This is after the battle of Hoth, the icy planet.
The next timeline marks the Return of Jedi which explores the classic Star Wars and the formation of the Republic.

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