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Star Wars – Upcoming publications

by on Apr.09, 2009, under Star Wars Series News

Star wars has been running on series for quite a while.
In the coming months new releases are scheduled to profile the market.
The series are also published as novels or comic magazines to read.

In the novel category, Jonathan Wilkinson is releasing 86 pages Titan Magazines entitled Star Wars Insider. This magazine explores emperor Palpantine, the person considered to be the most evil in the galaxy. The story also presents to the reader the weirdest star war stories that have not happened.

Star Wars: Legacy is also a US comic set to be released. The comic is written by John Ostrander and is about 40 pages. This presents the story of Darth in battle with Krayt, Cade shown trying to crash through a storm with a wounded imperial Knight Azlyn Rae and Jedi Knight Shado Vao.
They are all on a mission to the planet called Kiffer, where they are going to meet Banther Rauwk. Cade wants to use Banther Rauwk to save Azlyn. Sith is also trying to handle the results of the battle on Had Abbadon.

Another fictional book written by Aaron Allston, 256 pages, is set to be released with the title: Star Wars-Fate of the Jedi.
The story is set in progression after two years since the death of Darth Caedus.
Natasi Daala is calling the Galactic alliance into a time of peace. This is actually the “dream peace” Jacen Solo had a desire to impose, when he was the Sith Lord. Luke Skywalker is depicted as in war to control the order he funded. It also presents the dark side of Jacen, which culminates in the galaxy seeing Jedi Knights as rogue soldier. Chief Daala is also swearing to bring the order under the Government control. The intriguing story actually turns out to be a page turner too and a most read for all funs of star wars.

Another comic, published in the US is set to be released. This is entitled Star Wars; Clone wars # 5 (Slaves of the Republic Part 5 of 6). The comic is written by Henry Gilroy, and drawn by Scoff Hepburn and Dan Parsons.

The comic is 40 pages. It presents Anakin Sky walker, now turned back to a slave. Reading through, one will realize that Anakin is a not an ordinary slave- he is the personal pet of the beautiful Queen Miraj of Zygerria.

The comic becomes more interesting when Jedi Knight Anakin, Obi – Wan and Padawan Ahsoka are thrown into slavery themselves after trying to fight against the auction of Togruta people by the Zygerrian.

Another US comic written by Mick Harrison is set to be released with the title Star Wars: Dark times # 13 (Blue Harvest: Part 1 of 3). The comic is about 40 pages. The comic reflects the story set after the destruction of Jedi order. Dass Jennir now begins his first job, now being depicted that he is no longer a Jedi, so his lightsabre is hidden all the times. Darth Vader is also returning to Coruscant- indeed to have an encounter with his master. The intriguing story follows considering the fallout from the events in the “vector” crossover.

The comics and books set to be released will indeed bring out a better appreciation of Star Wars.

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